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What Can We Learn From Running a Business and Dancing Samba?

Samba SingaporeIn both cases, you have to invest in it first - time, money, effort. Learning how to dance or start a business by yourself is very possible these days, but having a teacher or professional to guide you along would save you time and money. Mistakes will be made and you may look stupid at times, but only with perfect practice you will get better.

Determination and grit will pay off, even though dance or entrepreneurship may come easier to some of us. The results are visible; more dance practice and more business experience gives you a certain confidence, or helps you to make better business decisions. Anyone can claim to know how to dance or run a business, but in reality this is all subjective to interpretation. There is no one "original" Samba dance as it is made out of a few dances, and there is a huge variation in the way businesses from differing (or within) industries are handled. There is no right or wrong way to do things, you only have outcomes that you may or may not like.

If you have the passion for either, the tough parts would seem like stepping stones rather than obstacles. Dancing or being a business leader are both challenging as you have to coordinate many parts at the same time. Those parts of dance and running a business have to work together harmoniously and complement the others. It is impossible to be successful or sustainable if you neglect a component and only choose to focus on another.

Lastly, take action. No one is a good dancer by just taking lessons or watching videos, but not going out there to practice with other people. Similarly, business is not just about knowledge, theories and ideas. Start small and take smaller steps to get your idea out there, rather than waiting for everything to be perfect or for you to feel "ready". Nothing is a replacement for actual practice or taking action. People who are not easily defeated, take manageable steps and have a positive attitude towards any setbacks will eventually get to their goals.


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